Project Crew - You Don't Want None Of Dis (CD) [DDR010-300-CD]

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Project Crew - You Don't Want None Of Dis (CD) [DDR010-300-CD]

Project Crew - You Don't Want None Of Dis (DDR010-300-CD, Dust & Dope Recordings, 2021)

Limited edition of 150 professionally pressed CDs, available in standard jewel case.

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01. You Don’t Want None Of Dis
02. Rapture
03. Shop Around
04. P.C. In Effect
05. Lesson To Be Learned
06. Tricks
07. I Be Makin' Luv
08. Rap Rookie Of The Year
09. I’m On A Roll
10. I Should’ve Loved Ya
11. The Rhythm
12. Army Man
13. Step To The Beat (Live)
14. Now How Dat Sound
15. Heading For Doom (Demo)
16. What You Do To Me (Demo)
17. Can We Speak

Forerunners in the Austin, TX Hip-Hop scene, Project Crew burned bright and fast, releasing two highly regarded independent 12" singles in 1988 before splitting apart and going their separate ways. But Dust & Dope Recordings has discovered that they actually recorded a complete, unreleased album that's never been heard until now. Each track has been carefully remastered from the DAT transfers and original demo reels that producer DJ Cassanova has preserved in his archives for well over three decades, which we now present in collectible limited edition formats.