Natives In Black - Can't Come Close (CD) [DDR002]

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Natives In Black - Can't Come Close (CD) [DDR002]

Natives In Black - Can't Come Close CD (DDR002, Dust & Dope Recordings, 2016)

Limited Edition CD - 200 Units.

Professionally pressed CD in jewel case packaging, 4-page booklet.

01. Boston’s In The House
02. Young With Soul
03. Hip To The Game
04. Dopastetics
05. Rollin-Strong
06. Little Ditty
07. Can’t Come Close
08. Woman Beater
09. Acts Of Violence
10. Dope Stuff
11. Shot Gun Blast
12. Don’t Look

Available for the very first time in CD format courtesy of Dust & Dope Recordings, Can't Come Close is the debut by Natives In Black, originally released in limited cassette and vinyl in 1991/92. Limited to 200 CD's.

Exclusive Natives In Black "Can't Come Close" music video: