Natives In Black - Can't Come Close (CD) [DDR002]

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Natives In Black - Can't Come Close (CD) [DDR002]

Natives In Black - Can't Come Close CD (DDR002, Dust & Dope Recordings, 2016)

Limited Edition CD - 200 Units.

Professionally pressed CD in jewel case packaging, 4-page booklet.


01-Boston’s In The House
02-Young With Soul
03-Hip To The Game
06-Little Ditty
07-Can’t Come Close
08-Woman Beater
09-Acts Of Violence
10-Dope Stuff
11-Shot Gun Blast
12-Don’t Look

Available for the very first time in CD format courtesy of Dust & Dope Recordings, Can't Come Close is the debut by Natives In Black, originally released in limited cassette and vinyl in 1991/92. Limited to 200 CD's.

Exclusive Natives In Black "Can't Come Close" music video: