Mytee G. Poetic - Com'n Wit Nuff Ruffness ‎(CD) [DDR005]

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Mytee G. Poetic	- Com'n Wit Nuff Ruffness ‎(CD) [DDR005]

Mytee G. Poetic - Com'n Wit Nuff Ruffness CD (DDR005, Dust & Dope Recordings, 2018)

Limited Edition CD - 300 Units.

Professionally pressed CD in jewel case packaging, 4-page booklet.

01. Com'n Wit Nuff Ruffness
02. For The World
03. Battlefield
04. The Radio
05. Brick City Blue'z
06. Listen To The Lyrics
07. Mello Drama
08. Poetically Inclined
09. Rap Trilogy
10. Com'n Wit Nuff Ruffness (Street Mix)
11. Part Of The Game
12. Poetically Inclined (Raga Mix)
13. Ghetto Journalism
14. Discovery Zone
15. Machine Gun Rap

Straight from the streets of New Jersey, Mytee G Poetic dropped 3 of the nicest independent 12"s of the mid-90s. Tracks like 'Com'n Wit Nuff Ruffness' and 'Listen to the Lyrics' showcased a formidable combination of lyrical prowess and classic head-nodding production. This 15 track album features all of Mytee G Poetic's elusive mid 90's singles, an abundance of unreleased material recorded between 1994-1996 and an exclusive bonus track/ unreleased demo from 1998. Produced by Mytee G Poetic, Brand X, Noise System Productions, Kasim and Rashad Muhammad, each and everyone of them serving up that classic 90's jazzy boom bap sound. Limited to 300 copies only.