Saturday, 1 April 2017

Bronx Bombers Are Back

Dust & Dope Recordings will be launching pre-orders for Raw Breed - Killa Instinct CD in 2-3 weeks time, assuming there is no delay at manufacturing plant.

Killa Instinct was scheduled for release 21 years ago but was tragically shelved due to its hardcore content. It has since remained one of the most sought after albums in hip hop.

The audios were sourced from the original masters and aim to please those who have patiently waited 20+ years to own a physical copy.

Shout out to Thomas L. Stephanson aka SourceofMadnessMusic for his role in making this happen.

The album is limited to a one time pressing of 300 units. No different then any of our releases, once sold out the album will not be repressed.

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